The First. The Best. Since 1994.

Working in the heavy equipment industry, we know first-hand the time consuming work involved in preventing tires from marking finished surfaces and keeping machines from leaking on the job. That’s why R&R Tire Surface Protectors, Inc. was the first to introduce our tire covers to the construction industry over 27 years ago.

With such an incredible response from our customers, we worked to patent our tire covers in 1995. We followed up our signature RRTireCovers™ with EnviroShields™ (also known as diapers). Our EnviroShields™ are the best on the market — custom made to fit most machines and NO cutting is required.

We are constantly developing new products to meet the changing needs of the industry and the preferences of our customers – just browse through our site to see what we offer now! Also, R&R is the only manufacturer to offer two different styles of tire covers (tire socks, tire booties) to meet your needs! Today, our line of products are required on most large construction and maintenance jobs.

R&R Surface Protectors, Inc. is still the leading manufacturer of construction surface protection products because we construct superior custom-made products, provide exceptional customer service and offer same-day shipping in North America.

Call R&R Surface Pros first to cover your tires and equipment and protect any finished surface!